Sometimes Cooking Requires A Master Plan With A Master Pan

There are just times in life when you've just got too much cooking going on and can't stand the thought of washing all those pans. With a Master Pan you can make a master plan and cook an entire dinner in just one non-stick pan. There are five different compartments to allow you to make your meat and side dishes all at the same time -- and on just one burner.

Master PanMaster Pan

The pan has a special circular base plate that allows heat to be distributed throughout the pan so that you can use just one burner. This works well enough that it is recommended that you don't use heat higher than medium most of the time. Not only does this save you on washing up, it also saves money by not having the whole stove lit up.

Master PanMaster Pan

The center portion of the skillet still heats the hottest so that you can use it to cook your meat thoroughly, while the side portions can cook your side dishes more slowly. An added benefit here is being able to cook small bits of different things to appeal to the whole family.

Master PanMaster Pan

The Master Pan is also a great way to heat up all those little leftovers into one great meal. It can encourage you to do just that and save money on food that you might otherwise have thrown away. Just imagine heating up chili, spaghetti, pizza, fries, and a burrito all at once. That would be leftover heaven. Well, maybe that's just me, but you could reheat all your Chinese food leftovers at once and have a feast.

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