Sometimes Innovation Means Less Not More for Farms

SoilSoilWhen it comes to technology in farming we tend to think about the new gadget that is going to make the lives of farmers simpler. After all we have, in the past, talked about milking systems and apps that are designed to increase crop yields. What if that isn't the only way to go? What if the newest innovation will not be something that you need to do, but something that farmers need to not do?

A new piece publish in All Africa is positing the idea that the best things that farmers in some zones can do is the opposite of what they have been taught. At a new event, the Tanzania Agro-Business Expo 2013, which is being organized by the East African Grain Council farmers in the Northern Zone are going to be encouraged to stop tilling their fields. The goal of this kind of an effort is to allow the land to keep its own nutrients be largely undisturbed.

The new system would, if farmers choose to adopt it, would ditch the normal plowing of rows. Instead farmers would adopt a tool that simply makes a hole for the seeds to fall into. This will allow the land to be left in tact. The event will run between 14th and 15th of June, and will be focused almost solely on education and technique.

Image: Morgue File