Somthing's Fishy About This "Magic Carp-Pet" Rug

John Leung loves to incorporate optical illusion into his designs, and the "Magic Carp-Pet," for me, is his best. Created for Australian architects, ClarkeHopkinsClarke, This rug design actually employs two items to make its point...

... the rug itself, an almost 3-dimensional vision of carp swimming, exquisitely incorporating the water's ripples into the shadows of the fish.


Magic Carp Pet rug design: © ClarkeHopkinsClarkeMagic Carp Pet rug design: © ClarkeHopkinsClarke


... and the special glass coffee table, which when placed upon the Magic Carp-Pet, gives 'a lively' atmosphere to the interior.  This you must see for yourself.




"The graphic apparition, replacing the traditional fish tank, is also a nod to the decreasing abundance of our most precious natural resource - water. Mythologically, the carp symbolises bravery and fortune. Linguistically, the “carp” becomes a humorous extraction of the “carpet” that reveals this intriguing little conversational piece on the floor."


Source:  ClarkeHopkinsClarke.  John Leung's design studio is AARIVE.