Sony Announces the PSP Go - But Is Smaller Better?

I love my PSP.  I take it almost everywhere.  This is due to the annoying rule of the universe that states:
"I will be stuck somewhere (such as sitting in a doctor's office waiting room or in a broken down car) if I don't bring something to do.  If I bring something to do, I will not wait more than 5 minutes."

And this is rule is unerringly true.

So while I carry my PSP everywhere, I rarely get to play it.

But that doesn't diminish my interest in the new PSP Go, available to the US market in October 2009.
At just larger than an iPhone, this little portable game device is quite tiny.  And this is, in my opinion, something of a liability.

Though the screen ratio looks similar to the previous PSP models, it is in fact quite a bit smaller: 3.8 inches as opposed to 4.3 inches.  11% smaller, to be precise.

The PSP Go's controls slide from behind the screenThe PSP Go's controls slide from behind the screen

The new slide out control panel is nifty, however.  The display, sound, and volume buttons of the older models are now on the top of the device.  The PSP Go still harbors the traditional controls.  The four-way "joystick" pad is still on the left, and the quad of geometrically tagged buttons still sits on the right.  Unfortunately, no second analog control is offered.

But the controls are placed differently, recalling the layout that you would find on a regular PlayStation controller.

As for storage... well, the PSP Go has 16GB of internal flash memory and can be expanded with a Memory Stick Micro.  But there's no UMD drive around this time.

This E3 2009 conference video shows off some of the highlights of the PSP Go:

What I don't understand is... well, why make the PSP smaller?  The whole reason I got mine was that the screen size was larger than other portable platforms-and I could still fit it in my pocket.

The reduction is screen size is a turn off to me.  And no UMD drive?  Sure, it makes for a smaller device, but that takes away tons of fun.  There's no way I could play my UMD movies or existing PSP games.

Sometimes smaller isn't always better.  Time will tell.


Aug 18, 2009
by Anonymous


The display, sound, and volume buttons are on the top

Aug 18, 2009
by Anonymous

Wrong is right

Yep, the buttons that were reported as missing are at the top of the device.

As far as time telling which is better, I don't think it is a matter of better so much as different. The Go is certainly more portable, and the bluetooth will make for seamless transfers of media between the computer and your PSP.

However, for those of us willing to forgo overall size differentiation (which isn't that much difference honestly), there is a benefit in being able to play older UMDs, a slightly larger viewing screen, and an easily replaceable battery.

Pick your poison.

Aug 19, 2009
by Anonymous

if there are no umds for the

if there are no umds for the GO you need a wireless web connection to get games and some people don't have a wireless connection

Aug 19, 2009
by John P. Barker
John P. Barker's picture

I stand corrected...

Meant to put the location of the buttons--somehow missed it.  Will fix.  Thanks for the heads up.