Sony Blends Fashion Into Technology

Last week Sony teamed up with six different fashion designers to creatively advertise their new Sony VAIO P-Series Lifestyle PC. The designers outfitted "living mannequins" and sent them out to various parts of Manhattan.  These mannequins then pose with the computer in their hands.  They will be on display at various locations through February 14th.  Besides doing this for pure advertising value, Sony is trying to show that you can be fashionable with your (Sony) technology like you can be fashionable with clothing. 


On February 11th, Sony will unveil windows full of the participating designer's fashions at it's SonyStyle flagship store to celebrate the beginning of fashion week. This display captured many people's attention in Grand Central Station.  People were so struck by this guerilla advertising style demonstration that they took pictures.

This melding of companies was definitely a brilliant one.  Using living mannequins is not a new concept but putting that many together in a busy location definitely caught people's attention.  Surely the witnesses of the advertising stunt will pass on the experience to their friends.  The interest of the passerby and the passing on of information is exactly what these organizations were striving for.      

Sources: Sony and Nitrolicious

Victoria Shimel
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Feb 5, 2009
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who could afford it? Not me.