Sony Ericsson W890i Cell Phone Walkman is Coming Soon

Sony is set to release the Ericsson W890i cell phone which happens to double as a Sony Walkman music player. This phone also features a FM radio, which can both be listened to over the built-in speaker or with the matching pair of included earphones. Sony hopes that the smooth curves and good functionality of the W890i will make it a hit for 2008.

Sony Ericcson W890iSony Ericcson W890i

The body of the W890i is nice and slim, and it features smooth curves and a soft feel. The phone weighs in at less than 3 ounces (78 grams), and it's less than a half of an inch thick. This cell phone is designed to replace your MP3 player, and it does so while still remaining relatively small in size and yet, not too small so that it's uncomfortable to use it as a phone.

Only 10mm thickOnly 10mm thick

The LCD display is a good-sized 240 by 320 pixel screen, and it works great when using this phone's video-calling capabilities. For music storage, this cell phone has 26 MB of built-in memory, and it will also accept Sony Memory Stick Micro media to add additional storage - 26 MB won't be enough memory for most people. What else can this cell phone do? Well, it also sports a 3.2 MP camera with 3x zoom, auto-focus, video recording, and it of course is used for the video-calling feature.

The wireless options are pretty good with this cell phone as well. This phone supports Bluetooth 2.0, and it uses the EDGE mobile network for data transmission. Of course, email is supported here too. Overall, this smart phone seems like a decent choice, but it really comes down to pricing with this one. There isn't much else known about the W890i, as it's not yet on the market. It's expected to hit stores sometime within the next couple of months. Sorry, no word on pricing yet, but stay tuned for that info.

Source: Mobiledia

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Jan 30, 2008
by Sony Ericsson Games (not verified)

Nice Post and Happy to read

Nice Post ...................after reading this post i am really crazy about this mobile.......Walkman series is best for music

Apr 25, 2008
by Anonymous

I got this cell-phone before a month or so and it is great!!

If you get this cell you will go crazy!! Read more about W890i and you will see that it deserves buying this cell-phone

It truly deserves!!