Sony Expands Bluetooth Capability In Car Stereos

It’s interesting to know that as portable music devices and stereo systems “evolve”, car audio devices aren’t left behind. With Sony’s new product available, people can now experience an all-in-one car stereo.

The Sony MEX-BT2600 is the minor update the company made to its Bluetooth-equipped car stereo. But don’t think of it as just any regular update, as the MEX-BT2600 is full of impressive features.

The faceplate’s appearance follows the basic Sony design which makes it sleek and stylish. The MEX-BT2600’s buttons are the same as its predecessor, but the new functions to the Bluetooth and Display buttons are a great update. What makes the faceplate so appealing is the neon backlight, which adds a classic car stereo appearance.

As far as features go, the main why MEX-BT2600 is a good product is because of its Bluetooth hands-free calling capability. With a Bluetooth adapter and built-in microphone, making calls while driving is an extremely easy task. Users also have the option of streaming music from a compatible portable device. The advanced music system is also compatible with satellite and HD radio and can play various audio formats such as Bluetooth audio, MP3, WMA. With such great sound quality like Sony’s ultra-clean CD playback, the music experience in your vehicle can be quite enjoyable.

Overall, the Sony MEX-BT2600 is a great car stereo for those looking for an all-in-one hands-free calling and audio receiver. The system is fairly easy to use and having the ability to play different audio formats is an added bonus for music lovers who are constantly travelling.

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