Sony Gives The Details Of Its Motion Gaming

Last week at the Games Developer Conference in San Francisco, Sony finally provided all the details of its upcoming motion-based gaming system originally announced last June. The game controller that provides wireless, motion-based game action is called Move and it will hit stores this fall.

The Move controller works in conjunction with the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Eye webcam. It allows for a variety of motions and includes buttons for other game actions. A second analog controller will also be launched with the Move, providing a way of augmenting the motion-based action with joystick-based navigation.

Customers will have three separate options for purchase: a PlayStation 3 console packaged with a Move controller, Eye Camera and game, a package with just the Move, Eye and game and just the Move controller. Sony fell short of offering full pricing but claimed that the middle option will retail under 100 bucks.

The Move will work with both brand new titles and reworked PlayStation classics like Little Big Planet. Sony showed off a number of games during its presentation including sword-fighting and street-fighting titles. Overall, 20 games are scheduled to drop during the remainder of the fiscal year.

Sony claims that the Move provides cleaner, more precise gaming action than the Wii. Initial impressions have been pretty good, though some have questioned whether Move really offers anything above and beyond the experience of Wii. Get your first impressions in the video below and make your own opinion.

Via GadgetCrave