New HD Video Camera From Sony

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With so many people switching from standard televisions to high definition televisions, it was only a matter of time before compact HD camcorders hit the market. The new Sony HDR-CX7 Handycam is a compact, lightweight digital video camera that is going to revolutionize the way we watch home videos forever. Sony is hoping to grasp a firm hold on the HD video camera market with the HDR-CX7.

I’ve found some good points and some bad points in the HDR-CX7 Handycam. Lets start with the good points. This camera will shoot exceptionally good video quality. The reason for this great quality is the full 1080i resolution, which this Sony Handycam is capable of. Users have the ability to adjust the HD resolution setting to a lower quality setting in order to get more video footage on the memory stick. The video playback is crystal clear with vivid colors, as you would expect from HD quality. This camera comes equipped with a 6-megapixel still-shot mode, and a 3-megapixel ClearVid CMOS sensor for video. Another great feature of this digital camcorder is its size. Sony has fitted this camera with a body that easily fits in the palm of your hand. Even though the camera is small, Sony still managed to squeeze in a nice-sized 2.7 inch flip-out LCD screen.

Now there are some negatives associated with the digital Handycam. The first downfall of this camera is the proprietary MemoryStick media, which is used to store all of the video footage. I don’t like the fact that this camera uses a proprietary memory media, because then you have to use that particular type of MemoryStick; it would have been nice if Sony had implemented some kind of universal media, such as SD card, etc. Another drawback associated with the HDR-CX7 was the somewhat disappointing software included with the camera. This software seems to be much different from the easy to use software that Sony is famous for. I don’t know, at this point, whether or not Sony plans on upgrading this software to make it more user-friendly.

Bottom line is-the HDR-CX7 is an awesome new digital HD Handycam, which should make way for many other HD camcorders in the near future. You can pick up one of these beauties for $1,299 MRSP. For those people looking for the best possible video quality to watch home videos on their HD TVs, look no further than the Sony HDR-CX7 .

Joe Eitel
Guest Blogger