Sony Looks To Burn The Competition

Burning a DVD is a lot different from burning a CD. Even though most of the time you’re only looking to add one large file to a DVD, adjusting the specifications beforehand can be annoying and tiresome. But with Sony’s latest product, burning DVD’s can be a more enjoyable experience that won’t have you researching help files on your computer.

Created for the brave explorer and adventurous family, the Sony VRDMC3 DVDirect DVD Recorder allows you to take the “burning” experience on the road. Users can now easily transfer images and video to DVD without using a PC. With the colour 2.5” LCD screen, you can also easily preview your pictures and video.

The DVD recorder can connect to any camcorder, VCR or Digital Video Recorder and takes no time at all to burn videos onto a disc. The device can also be a great tool for photographers. By using a memory stick or a memory card, digital pictures can be copied onto a DVD as a slideshow or just as storage.

The Sony VRDMC3 is a great invention that can benefit individuals who travel a lot during the summer. Capturing memories throughout the summer can be important and having a handy device like this DVD recorder can solve storage issues. Digital cameras and camcorders can only hold so much memory. But with the help of a DVD recorder, you can free up some space and keep taking memorable pictures and videos while you travel.

To find out more about the DVD recorder, you can visit Sony’s website where the specific details are listed or look on Amazon.

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