Sony Playstation PS3 Coffee Table Is A Winning Design

Sony has garnered much praise in the gaming community for its sleek, powerful PS3 Playstation but it seems not only dedicated video gamers are pleased.

Take French designer Stephane Perruchon, for instance. Perruchon knows a stylish design when he sees one and the PS3 made a particular impression - enough for him to expand and enlarge the console's controllers into a pair of coffee table bases.

The PS3 Coffee Table is only a design concept for the moment but it appears to be both practical and workable. Perruchon stayed true to the ergonomic design of the controllers, merely scaling them up while retaining their proportions.

Even the PS3's arrangement of buttons has been retained along with original-look colors and textures.

Perruchon's website shows both black and white versions of the PS3 Coffee Table, both featuring a rounded rectangular safety glass table top and a smaller glass shelf underneath that also serves to provide support and stiffness.

Says Perruchon, "This table will fit in perfectly with a modern interior... just like the PS3." Mais oui!

Nov 7, 2009
by Anonymous


its not bad. it looks as it will take alot of space in my living room oh well as sony say "this is living".

Nov 7, 2009
by Anonymous

It's wrong

The buttons are the wrong way around :S