Sony Releases System With Speakers The Size Of Golf Balls

15 years ago, anyone could tell you that manufacturers could never make a speaker the size of a golf ball. Back then, that idea would seem unbelievable and amazingly stupid because who would buy speakers that small? Sony has an answer.

Source: My Digital Life

The company hopes to change home theater setups with its new product, the HT-IS100 Bravia Theater Micro System. Despite having five golf ball-sized speakers, the setup is offers an excellent surround sound experience.

With three 1080p HDMI inputs and eight uncompressed audio channels, the micro system is bound to revamp your home theater setup. It also has an option that enables you to add wireless rear surround speakers that don’t take any effort to configure. Such compatibility can create endless choices for when it comes to organizing your system around a room. Since they’re small, the golf ball speakers can be hidden pretty much anywhere which can make action and horror movies that much more intense.

Source: Ecoustics

Other neat features include:

- A 5.1 channel system with 450 watts of power.

- Sony’s S-AIR technology.

- Sony’s Digital Media Port that offers control, networking and connectivity for music playback.

- Sony’s Digital Cinema Auto Calibration.

Even though the idea for the speakers design is fairly simple, it’s a nice touch to home theater setups. It adds more style and simplicity which is perfect for people who are new to configuring a dynamic home entertainment system. No fuss, no worries, just tiny speakers that can make movies more enjoyable.

Jul 31, 2008
by Anonymous

Re: sony

Well, everyone knows that Sony's speakers, not to mention products, are garbage anyways. You want good sound, buy speakers from people who specialize in sound like Bose or Boston. Cameras should be bought from Nikon or Canon. Sony has absolutely no business in that field ad they make their products of terrible quality.

Aug 10, 2008
by Anonymous

overpriced junk

like bose such speakers sacrifice sound quality for the sake of appearance. you don't get something for nothing with speakers.