Sony Scented Cellphones Look Good, Smell Great

Scent of a woman... on the phoneScent of a woman... on the phone
If anyone still needs proof that Japan's cellphones are the most advanced in the world, Sony Ericsson's line of scented phones should do the job quite nicely. Officially known by their model name: DoCoMo SO703i (NTT DoCoMo is a major Japanese phone service provider), these phones excel in a number of ways besides the somewhat gimmicky scents.

Adorable... odorable?Adorable... odorable?
Standard features for these and most other late-model Japanese cellphones include GPS, TV and music player functions. The cases come in your choice of 9 quite attractive colors and patterns including Romantic Gold, Exotic, Twilight, Flow and Gorgeous. Their words, not mine.

Of course, the outstanding feature of the DoCoMo SO703i is its smell. Again, one has a variety of choices (11, in fact) to select from including "Apple Pie"... yummy! The scents are released from a replaceable strip located near the central hinge.


Though guaranteed to work for 3 months, it seems the fragrance continues to be released for a lot longer than that. And then? Simply replace the old scent strip with a new one, perhaps a different aroma if smelling Apple Pie every time you make or take a call is leading to a weight gain.

Will "Apple Pie" get you drooling?Will "Apple Pie" get you drooling?
The good news about the DoCoMo SO703i is that appealing features like these replaceable scent strips will one day find their way across the ocean to our boring cellphones. The bad news? That day has not yet arrived. (via Japan Marketing News)

EDITOR'S NOTE: For iPhone users, if you want a smelly phone, you may want to explore Dylan's Candy Bar scented iPhone covers.

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer