Sony Soundmug Speaker Plays Music From Cupholders

The Sony Walkman RDP-NWV500 Soundmug is a specialized product some say there's really no need for - odds are, your vehicle comes equipped with a decent stereo system that will accommodate your personal music player.



You'll have to pay 20,000 yen (around $215) for the admittedly attractive, thermos-like Soundmug though you do get a far better than "decent" speaker for the money.

Unlike your car's stereo, the Sony Soundmug is reasonably portable - it comes with a charging dock that holds both the speaker and your Walkman while they get juiced up.

Though the dock only fits Sony's Walkman music player, an included 3.5mm audio cable allows you to attach your Zune, iPod or any other popular music player to the Soundmug.

I did say "reasonably" portable... potential buyers should be aware that the Sony Soundmug has no internal battery. It'll play nicely as long as it's drawing power from the dock or your vehicle's accessory socket; pop it in your backpack and the great outdoors will be considerably more silent than you'd reckoned on. A niche product to be sure, though we're not exactly sure what Sony had in mind when designing this good-looking device. 

In any case, the 16-watt rated Sony Soundmug's pair of 2-way speakers (a 56mm woofer and a 20mm tweeter) are controlled either from a tiny remote or directly from built-in buttons on the top of the "mug".

Choose from matte black or anodized metallic orange finishes on or after the April 24th, 2010 release date and... be careful where you pour your coffee. (via 3yen and GeekieGadgets)