Sony-Backed Blu-ray Wins: Will Sony's PLAYSTATION 3 Follow Suit?

After the victory of Blu-ray format over HD DVD (Toshiba announced yesterday that they would halt production of HD DVD players and recorders, and would stop shipping to retailers by the end of March), will the PLAYSTATION 3 follow suit? Is it possible that, although the PLAYSTATION 3 has started more slowly than the other consoles, that it will pick up momentum, and ultimately win the console wars?


After the fall of HD DVD, backed by Microsoft, and the lack of DVD support in the Wii (and no high definition support, either), it's understandable that consumers will want the most affordable player for the next generation of video (Blu-ray). Because of the fact that the PLAYSTATION 3 console is cheaper than the vast majority of current Blu-ray players, and that the PLAYSTATION 3 will continue to fall in price in comparison, it is the most viable option for those wishing to watch movies in high definition.


PLAYSTATION 3PLAYSTATION 3Not only is the PLAYSTATION 3 now one of the cheapest players on the market for the only next generation video format, it also has a stockpile of highly anticipated games coming out for it in 2008. Games like Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Killzone 2 are games that will push the PLAYSTATION 3 over the edge, and give it a year as good as or better than Xbox 360's lineup during the last holiday season (Mass Effect, Bioshock, Halo 3). Any gamer who has sat on their haunches waiting for a definitive reason to buy a next generation console, and any consumer waiting for the format war to unravel, now is a very good time to buy the PLAYSTATION 3.


So how will the PLAYSTATION 3 fair in comparison to the Wii and Xbox 360 in the next two years? With Blu-ray now becoming the official next generation format for video, and the console having a hit lineup throughout 2008, I would expect the console to nearly double its sales by the end of 2008, and be greatly outpacing the sales of the other two consoles by the end of 2009. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around this year, and the inevitable shopping for the holidays begins, the PLAYSTATION 3 will be at the top of millions of peoples' most wanted list, both for games and for movies. Does that mean the PLAYSTATION 3 will win the console war? Only time will tell, but stay tuned to find out.


Matt Wood
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Feb 20, 2008
by Ben Arnold (not verified)

Don't Count the Nintendo Wii Out!

It's hard to say where the next gen consoles will go. I have a hard time lumping the Nintendo Wii in with the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. You hit the nail on the head, it just doesn't have the Hi-def support that serious gamers are looking for.

However, I don't expect that the Wii has been marketed to serious gamers either. I'm keeping a close eye on their line up for 2008 and depending on which way they go, they could be giving the Playstation 3 a tight race all the way through the year.

Feb 20, 2008
by vril (not verified)

MS have a really bad smell

MS have a really bad smell hanging over their head that they can't shake, basically it's a poorly built machine, it just does't deserve to sit next to your beautiful new 1080P HD TV.

The foundation MS set for themselves was and continues to be very unstable, with constant reports of consoles failing it's highly likely that the PS3 will over take the 360 in terms of sales this year and a lot ealrier then some expect.

Remember, the PS3 is in it this game for 10 years. Game makers are coming to grips with it, some are still crying that it's too hard though, but proof is in the pudding with Uncharted, Ratchet, Resistance and even COD4 which was multiplatform.

Ha, now Blu-Ray is the main HD format, although I suspect it's not over quite yet.

Feb 20, 2008
by Anonymous (not verified)

The Return of King Sony

I told you so just dosnt say it good enough. Ps3 had die-hard fans dat were going to buy it no matter what. Even if there were no games. with fans like that keep ps3 alive 4 the first year. Now ps3 dosnt need the die-hard fans. Because now they have gone main stream. Good work sony i wish you the best

Feb 21, 2008
by Gxray (not verified)

Get your facts straight

"Is it possible that, although the PLAYSTATION 3 has started more slowly than the other consoles, that it will pick up momentum, and ultimately win the console wars?"

The Playstation 3 reached 10million sold 4 months faster than the Xbox360 did. It hasn't started slow, its just people like you portraying it in articles like this as starting slowly. Yes, the Playstation 3 has put itself in a position to win the "console war". I believe it will.

Feb 21, 2008
by PS3_4Ever (not verified)

PS3 Rulez!!

The Wee is the "VCR" of this generation of consoles!

Feb 21, 2008
by Ivan_PSP (not verified)

PLAYSTATION 3 Destroys Xbox 360

The PLAYSTATION 3 is gonna crush Xbox 360 this year we got a bunch of high A++ exclusives games. Xbox 360 just got Gears of Wars 2 and the only genre that Microsoft has is FPS PS3 has all type of games. Xbox 360 is gonna fail.

Feb 21, 2008
by dioioib (not verified)

I agree

I have to agree with most of what is being said. I loved my PS 1, PS2 and my PS3. But the graphics in the PS3 are amazing. I hardly get overly excited about graphics but I loose myself in the game now. And if you really look at what you are paying for here, you have a multimedia center capable of video, photo, music and Blu Ray/ DVD (upscaled playback), a console gaming system, a Linux based computer (should you chose to install one - I installed yellow dog then Ubuntu) all for $600 (at my date of purchase). How can you say no?!?!

As for the Wii I agree its not in the same class of consoles and its target market is completely different. Its obvious the industry is split between younger and mature game players. The Wii has the parent appeal with its wholesome family image, generally this type of buyer doesn't want there child to experience the hyper real and psychotic violence of games like RFOM and Assassins Creed (although I love it).

Feb 23, 2008
by Anonymous (not verified)

Wii cannot be compared to ps3 or even xbox

Wii cannot be compared to ps3 or even xbox. Wii is just a toy for little kids. No real gamer will take wii seriously. Please stop comparing or bringing up wii for debate, it's not worth it.

Mar 25, 2008
by Anonymous

Wii cannot be compared?

I'm sorry, but hasn't Nintendo opened the market to more casual gamers than any other company on the planet? And hasn't the Wii worked wonders for physical therapy patients all over the world? And haven't they brought back classic games from various consoles to open up compatibility much further than any other console? You need to get some things straight. I hate hearing from someone that the Wii isn't 'a real system' haven't you noticed that it is still crushing the PS3 in terms of sales? Or the fact that the only reason your beloved PS3 is being purchased is because it is a cheap Blu-Ray player? As I've come to see it, the game play and value are most important. Before you decide to talk ever again, stop and think about what you are going to say and I can assure you that you might be able to avoid looking like an idiot.

Jan 19, 2009
by Anonymous

Bad predicting skills,

Bad predicting skills, Matt.

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