Sony's First WiFi Camera: The DSC-G3 Cybershot

How convenient can you get? A 10.1 megapixel camera with connectivity! And it's a Sony, so it's got all the other bells and whistles too!





It was just a matter of time. Sony's best-selling Cybershot model is now directly connectible to the Internet without the aid of a computer or cell phone, at least to upload shots or video. At home, you can plug your Internet connection right into the camera; on the road, just use the free with purchase AT&T WiFi or any available WiFi spot and you will reach your Sony home page.Then you can send your photos or videos to one of several sharing sites like YouTube, Picasa Web Albums, Photobucket, Shutterfly and DailyMotion and send notes to your colleagues and friends to let them know you've posted.



Though the Sony Cybershot DSC-G3 doesn't have full browser capacity, it does have a 4GB internal memory, so you can store about 950 high-resolution photos without even relying on the Memory Stick Pro Duo, which you would have to purchase separately.

Sony's upgraded several of its Cybershot features on the G3, like the Carl Zeiss lens. Now it's a 4x Vario-Tessar lens that can zoom to within 1/2 inch of the subject in "magnifying glass mode." Sony's face detection technology has been enhanced as well with "smile shutter technology" that will capture a smile the moment it happens, and an "anti-blink function" that refuses to accept shut-eye in a photo! Also new, is Sony's "intelligent scene recognition," that recognizes lighting conditions and gives you choices of shots. And for folks like me, whose shaky hands at the helm of a camera lens can make you seasick, there's "optical steady-shot optimization."



The Cybershot DSC-G3 also has a great internal photo management system. Your photos can be organized automatically by face, by date, by calendar, and by favorites. The 3.5 inch screen is easy on your eyes; you can even see the thumbnails.



This Sony DSC-G3 brings so many intuitive features to the Cybershot, it would be worth the $500 ticket without the uploading and WiFi capabilities, but with those, you can't beat it. But I still miss the viewfinder and I wish Sony would bring that back.

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