SONY's New Cassette Tapes, Redesigned for the Old Generation

If you've got a Walkman and a Walker, pop in your hearing aid and turn it up to 11 'cuz here's some news you can use! SONY has introduced a new series of cassette tapes sporting larger text and wider labels. The “upgrades”, as it were, are designed to appeal to a whole old generation of music fans.

SONY Corporation spearheaded Japan's 1960s-1980s consumer electronics export boom and built its reputation on the Walkman - and the cassette tapes played in them. Times change but at SONY, not so much: take the company's new HF Series cassette tapes. I SAID, TAKE TH... sorry, couldn't resist.

Besides sporting larger text, wider labels and bigger index sheets aging & stubborn cassette tapers will find more user-friendly, HF Series cassettes come in a more versatile range of time capacities including 10, 60, and 90-minutes.

You read that right, a 10-minute tape cassette – coincidentally (or not) the exact amount of time it takes to down a glass of warm milk, drop your teeth into a glass on the night table, and clap-clap the lights out. 

The HF Series of elder-friendly audio cassette tapes is scheduled for release on July 20th so be sure to circle the date on your sundial. Prices range from 100 to 230 yen ($1.25 to $2.85) for single cassettes and from 600 to 1,000 yen ($7.50 to $12.50) for packages of ten tapes. Unfortunately for foreign oldsters, the HF Series will only be sold in Japan. (via Impress Watch)

Jul 28, 2012
by Anonymous

SONY's New Cassette Tapes, Redesigned for the Old Generation

Damn you Japan!

The cassette design here in the US suck!