Sony's New USB Turntable Sparks Vinyl Revival

Return of the turntableReturn of the turntable
Sony has a new solution to revive your well-loved vinyl LPs, sans the not so well-loved clicks & pops. The new Sony PS-LX300USB turntable not only dusts off those memorable tracks from your youth, it gives them portability they haven't had since the long-ago days of the Hi-Way Hi-Fi in granny's DeSoto!

Di-vinyl in DeSotoDi-vinyl in DeSoto
The "USB" in PS-LX300USB is a big clue to how Sony's new turntable does what it does: namely, transferring the sound from your vinyl media to your computer via a USB cable - though I hope it's a long cable, as most people don't have record players located close to their computers. But let's not quibble. Once the tunes are in your comp, the free Sound Forge Audio Studio software comes into play - literally - allowing what Sony describes as "professional-quality audio editing and production". From your LP's vinyl grooves to your MP3 player, Walkman® or even your iPod®... Groovy, Daddy-O!

Finally you can groove to King Uszniewicz on your iPodFinally you can groove to King Uszniewicz on your iPod
Sony isn't the first to bring new-generation turntables to market. Ion Audio features a varied selection of players offering a range of options including a built-in CD burner that lets you create CDs from vinyl directly. Several of the Ion Audio turntables include free Audacity editing software that can be used to remove those annoying clicks & pops from your records - it works on 45rpm singles and 78rpm records as well. Let's not leave out Ion Audio's LP DOCK turntable which records vinyl tracks, uploads them to iTunes and then back down to your conveniently docked iPod®.

Ion Audio's LP DOCK - retro meets technoIon Audio's LP DOCK - retro meets techno
The PS-LX300USB is a Sony, however, and Sony's reputation for quality and durability gives the belt-drive PS-LX300USB a tone arm and a leg up on the competition.

Amazingly, the player is priced at a mere $150 - including the Sound Forge Audio Studio software, static balance tone arm and bonded diamond stylus. More specs at the Sony Style website. Any way you look at it, that's one heck of a deal... and that's my vinyl answer! (via Asahi News) (Buy here )

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Mar 15, 2008
by Anonymous

USB Turntables

Got both my DH & my brother the ION USB Turntable for Christmas. Will have to ask my brother how he likes it. My husband's is still in the box! So much for trying to get him interested in technology.