Soopa Scoota: Street Luge Meets Skeleton

For those that prefer a little more wind in the face than the average bicycle or street luge can provide comes this Soopa Scoota concept by designer Liron Bobrov. Yes, that's actually the name. The belly-down scooter is designed for extreme sports lovers--in other words, those that can even fathom the idea of rolling 50 mph face-first down a hill of pavement.


The positioning on this thing is designed to allow for increased aerodynamics, though it looks like it could also provide some technically-assisted sex if rolled back and forth in place. The idea is that the wind will flow gently over the riders face and helmet and will provide little resistance on the way toward sheer, intense speeds.

And should those speeds lead to a crash, you'll be crashing with your face. Ouch. If you don't crash, you'll just have to worry about that jagged metal frame bouncing into your genitals the whole ride. Hope the designer envisions some serious suspension somewhere on this thing

Outside of those basic details, little is offered about the design outside of the facts that it is lightweight, "extreme" and uses Osmos/Hubless wheels. 

Via Yanko