Band-Aid Solutions: Japanese Pattern Design Bandages Make The Cut

Patterned bandages have grown up of late, getting their start with the cute cartoon character band-aids that make kids' boo-boos somehow less painful.

This latest batch of bandages from Japan's Nichiban might just do the same for adults as they combine standard bandage technology with appealing designs taken from traditional and modern Japanese culture.

Nichiban has partnered with Kamawanu, a manufacturer of hand-made tenugui cotton cloths that serve a wide variety of purposes including dishrags, washcloths, placemats and casual wrappings.

The bandages, which come in packages of 30, include 4 each of 6 classic Kamawanu tenugui designs including the dark blue & white company logo.

Other designs range from traditional semi-abstract patterns to Japanese Koi goldfish and tiny hopping frogs, to that instaly recognizable symbol of a Japanese summer: the mosquito coil.

Nichiban's tenugui patterned bandages were released on June 10th, 2010, and can be found in most Japanese drugstores, pharmacies and department stores. A box of 30 goes for 504 yen (around $5.60). (via Watashi to Tokyo)