Sorry Day Is On The Way, Sorry To Say

It'll be a sorry day before I apologize to... actually it will: The Japan Anniversary Association has designated December 10 as 'Sorry Day' so let's get ready to repent!

The JAA's mission seems to be the preservation and promotion of Japanese culture, as stated at their very serious-looking website. These guys don't fool around - they don't even have their own smiling mascot character. In any case, Sorry Day ("Gomenne no hi" or ?????? in Japanese), which is not an official holiday, IS coming and it's the perfect opportunity to unload a year's worth of saved-up regrets and repents. The finishing touch would be a Catharsis Tree... er, don't tell ANYONE I said that.

Not accustomed to apologizing? No problem! Visit the Sorry Day Countdown website and watch up to 31 cute young ladies say sorry for terrible transgressions such as pigging out on all the steak at a family dinner. Something tells me, however, that a website featuring submissive hotties will be visited more by basement-dwelling, Maid Cafe-visiting Otaku in search of an ego trip then by regular types who really don't need a crash course in Apology 101. 

If you think Sorry Day is a good idea, well feel free to order up your own theme day! Actually "free" is a misnomer... the JAA charges the yen equivalent of around $200 to name the day of your choice and have it added to their "What Day Is Today?" calendar.

If you think this opens the door to rampant commercialism, well feel free to pat yourself on the back. Some of the days already featured in the calendar include July 20, Hamburger Day (registered by McDonalds) and November 11, Pocky & Pretz Day (registered by Glico). It's not revealed who registered Crab Day and Bowling Day (both on June 22 for some reason) or Karaoke Culture Day on October 17, but hey - any day one hoist a celebratory frosty one is a good day in my book!

I don't know about you, but an adjusted version of Sorry Day seems to be long overdue for certain countries (you know who you are) who seem to have forgotten the concept of a civil society that tolerates opposing viewpoints. Instead of the bevy of cuties, substitute overdue or serial apologists such as Jimmy Swaggert, Dick Cheney, the board of AIG and Tiger Woods (via Shibuya246 and TokyoMango)

Apr 29, 2010
by Anonymous


HI all,
I have just returned from a fantastic Sorry Day in Perth, a thousand people of mixed ages and races, school groups everywhere. We walked together through a sumptuous Sea of Hands. A real example of a reconciled community and a celebration of great dignity and grace among the generations who who lost so much. IT is my great privilege to be a co-convenor of this organisation in Perth, Uniting and Catholic people and some other churches are strong supporters. We are walking the Healing Road together, seeking Justice and Truth for those who were so dreadfully and drastically wronged, and who are now blamed for the outcomes of government-sanctioned systematic family-disruption.