SoulLite Bamboo Ski And Hiking Poles Are Environmentally Friendly And Versatile

Skiing With SoulLite PolesSkiing With SoulLite Poles

Founded by former U.S. Ski Team members, Soul Poles produces quality, Eco-friendly ski, hiking and walking poles. Now, they've designed an Eco-friendly, interchangeable ski/hiking pole. The SoulLite pole is not only versatile and durable, it was made with the environment in mind.

SoulLite Bamboo Ski And Hiking PolesSoulLite Bamboo Ski And Hiking Poles

SoulLite Poles are made from bamboo, the fastest growing renewable resource on the planet. The bamboo is sustainably grown and harvested, using no pesticides nor irrigation. After it is harvested, it is tempered and oiled, making for a good-looking and strong pole. 

The grips and straps on the SoulLite Pole are also Eco-friendly. They are made of reused post-industrial waste. Don't worry, though "post-industrial waste" sounds a bit suspicious, it basically means reused rubber, plastic and other such materials. 

On The Mountain With SoulLiteOn The Mountain With SoulLite

The handles' shape was inspired by the forms of plants. They are ergonomically designed to give you an exceptional grip whether held by gloves or your bare hands. 

The SoulLite's tips are made of durable nylon. They have been proven to exceed back country and recreational use requirements, which means they can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

SoulLite Poles' versatility comes from the fact that the baskets are removable. You can convert from a ski pole to a distance hiking pole in just seconds. You can also change out the colors of the baskets to add a little flair to your SoulLite Pole. 

SoulLite Is SturdySoulLite Is Sturdy

At times, Eco-friendly products are associated with poor durability--people sometimes assume that recycled or natural products aren't as strong as artifically manufactured products. This is not the case with the SoulLite Poles. These bamboo poles are actually about two times stronger than aluminum. 

In third-party lab tests, SoulLite Poles withstood over 300 pounds of pressure. Standard aluminum shafts failed after only 150 pounds, so not only is SoulLite the environmentally conscious choice, it is the more durable choice. 

At this moment, the SoulLite isn't on the market. Soul Poles is running a Kickstarter campaign for the SoulLite Pole. So if you want the SoulLite Poles, you'll have to checkout their Kickstarter page to pre-order a pair. 

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