Sound Asleep Pillow Soothes The Savage Beast

This built-in speaker pillow sings out its desire to bring peace, if not quiet, to the sleeping masses.

The idea here is fairly simple - hate that your spouse snores, that they watch TV, that they turn the pages of their damn book so loudly? Never fear! The Sound Asleep is here! Essentially a large pillow with a small speaker hidden inside, the Sound Asleep purports to connect to almost any electronic device - from an iPod or iPhone to a CD player or television set.

Measuring 20" x 26" and with a 180 thread count, the Sound Asleep ends up in the "better than average pillow" category, well past those "2 for $4.99" pillows that turn into large white pancakes on their second use. The pillow can be covered in a case of the users choice, and the cord for the device attachment is unobtrusively run through the open end of the case zone.

The Sound Asleep pillow: pink sound lines not included.The Sound Asleep pillow: pink sound lines not included. 

Unfortunately, we weren't able to get our heads on one of these for testing, so we can't speak to a) whether or not you can feel the speaker while you sleep or b) how clear the sound is. The video on their Facebook page assures us that not only will the speaker be something that we never feel, but that the sound will lull us easily into the world of dreams.

We do wonder about things like an auto shut-off feature as well as potentially using the Sound Asleep as a "OMG Wake UP!" option, but in sum total we find the concept intriguing. Falling asleep is a difficult proposition for many, and anything that makes it easier can be of benefit.

If you're interested in combining your sweet dreams and music, the pillow can be found over at Amazon, and if you're a fan of social media, the company's Facebook page is running a free pillow a week contest.

Time to put this article to bed.

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