Sound Walk: Wearable Audio Fashions For The Outdoors Plays Your iPod Music

If you're like many people these days, you're probably attached to your iPod or MP3 player 24/7, whether it's to go for a run, hike in the woods, or when you're just out and about town. A new fashionable clothing line, Sound Walk by AZA Extremes has created fashion with built in speakers which is reminiscent of the 80's, when music was made portable with large boom boxes; however with Sound Walk the clothing is more fashionable and the music is built in.

Sound Walk Audio Vest SW-501Sound Walk Audio Vest SW-501

Sound Walk's wearable audio vests, backpacks and jackets are a fashionable way to wear your audio sound system; instead of having those unsightly headphones and earphones attached to your head, you can instead have the speakers travel on your body. The idea is that you can be involved in outdoorsy activities, without being confined by the wires attached to your iPod's headphones. Sound Walk claims that by wearing your speakers, instead of having them in your ears; you will be safer, since their wearable audio systems don't block your hearing and that their hands free system is more convenient and more fashionable.

Sound Walk's wearable audio fashions include vests, which resemble backpack straps from the front; a motorbike jacket which has a leather design that will blend in with motorcycle leathers; various models of audio backpacks; and the Audio SWAT Jacket, which is a more complete outdoorsy hunting vest.

Audio Swat Jacket SW-VT701Audio Swat Jacket SW-VT701

While Sound Walk's wearable audio fashions might be convenient when you need your hands free to exercise or hike in the woods; it's not the most fashionable for trips around town. You might also have to watch your volume to avoid public noise and disturbance violations.