SounDish Increases Quality And Volume Levels On Mobile Devices Without Batteries Or Wires

 SounDish Sound Amplifier by Passive Vibes: SounDish improves volume & sound quality on mobile devicesSounDish Sound Amplifier by Passive Vibes: SounDish improves volume & sound quality on mobile devices


Ever wish you could boost the volume on your cellphone beyond what’s allotted per factory specs for calls, videos or music? How about when you try and use your mobile device on speakerphone and you still can’t hear without literally hovering over it? Not only is it usually not loud enough for you to stray more than even a foot away, but most of the time the quality of the sound is woefully lacking. Well, a company called Passive Vibes has invented a patented device for improving sound quality without batteries or electricity, and there are no inconvenient wires to get tangled up in.


So, what is it then? From the looks of it, it resembles a mini radar dish or a speaker cone with a clip that cradles your mobile phone. The device can also be used with tablets and handset wireless home phones, so it’s actually pretty versatile. Because there’s a bracket or clip for holding your phone securely in place, the SounDish can double as a stand for selfies or for use during video chats on software applications like Skype or FaceTime. At 8 ½” in circumference and 3 ½” deep, the SounDish would work well for both home and office use. It comes standard in basic black, but it’s said to be paint-able. This makes it easy to customize in any color.


SounDish Sound Amplifier by Passive Vibes: At only 3 1/2" deep, SounDish fits almost anywhereSounDish Sound Amplifier by Passive Vibes: At only 3 1/2" deep, SounDish fits almost anywhere


Cellphones & Health Concerns

If you use your cellphone a lot and you’re starting to get concerned about all of the gamma rays you’ve been beaming into your head, this might be a good alternative. All joking aside, electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and radio frequency radiation (RFR) have raised a lot of serious questions about health concerns. Unfortunately, since cellphones are still relatively new, it’s unclear as to just how much of these types of radiation we can safely expose ourselves to without ending up with cancer. While cellphone manufacturers insist they are safe, if you use one for work and you’ve constantly got the thing glued to your head, it may be time to back off.

Travel & Leisure

Individuals that travel a lot and tend to gab on their phones could probably put the SounDish to good use, too. Since a lot of states have mandated hands-free driving when it comes to operating a vehicle and talking on the phone, you either have to get a Bluetooth headset or an earbud with microphone to plug into your phone that you’ll invariably get tangled or the speaker swings too far away from your mouth and people keep asking you to repeat yourself. The other thing about them is people often complain that you sound tinny when they’re in use or they get an annoying echo on their end.

Promotional Items

Passive Vibes is currently advertising the SounDish for use as a promotional product, too. Apparently, you can get your company artwork or logo incorporated into the SounDish while receiving special pricing in connection to the order. This is actually a pretty smart idea, because it’s an item that would probably get used versus just being thrown in a drawer or the trash never to be seen or heard of again. If you’re going to purchase promotional giveaways, you might as well make sure they’re going to get used, or what’s the point? For more information on pricing and how the SounDish works, visit their website.