SoundMan Car Audio Does World's First iPad In-Dash Install...Makes My Stereo Obsolete

Soon after portable GPS systems were introduced into the market, they made their way into the dashboard of our vehicles. Next, stereos with built in hard drives found a home above the climate control center of our beloved automobiles. So it should come as no surprise that only a few short months after being released to the public, the iPad has been ever so elegantly installed into the dash of a technology lover's truck.

The vehicle chosen for what is being dubbed the world's first iPad dash installation is a newer Toyota Tacoma that has had the stereo and accompanying housing removed. From there, the team from SoundMan Car Audio put together a custom receiving unit to hold the iPad securely and hooked up a McIntosh amplifier and signal processor to make sure everything would communicate properly.

SoundMan Car Audio was fortunate enough to be one of the early recipients of the iPad, allowing them to get to work on the project immediately. They are based out of Santa Clarita, California and will likely be doing more of these installs as soon as people get their hands on the iPad.

Check out the video for a more in depth look at the start-to-finish install process.

SoundMan Car Audio via Autoblog
Apr 6, 2010
by Anonymous


well done!

Apr 8, 2010
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I was wondering if you were the cousin I use hang out with when we were young and came to visit in Olivehurst, CA.

Nancy Stidman