SoundZit: Get Music Player for Music Found on YouTube

Despite the fact that Warner Music Group recently removed its entire catalogue from YouTube, the streaming video site still boasts one of the largest music collections on the entire internet.  Experienced YouTubers will know how to find just about any song, and perhaps even an accompanying music video.  Apply that vast selection of songs to making an embeddable song player, and you've got SoundZit.

The service lets you search through YouTube for whatever you're looking for, and boasts "300,000,000 songs" available, but essentially you have every video on YouTube available to be converted into an audio player which you can take and embed on your web site or profile or where ever it is you like to embed your goodies.  Depending on how you look at it, that's probably a better option than having a mere 300,000,000 songs to choose from.  The full YouTube catelogue will allow you to be a little more creative with your selections than just music.  For instance, you can take a political speech or "how-to" video and use the audio from that, if you so desire.

As a service, SoundZit definitely delivers on what it claims to do.  You'll have absolutely no problem finding whatever YouTube video you want to take the sound from.  The SoundZit player works perfectly, as well.  Basically this is great way for you to get a music player for a song you'd like on your web site without having to do anything more complicated than finding the song on YouTube.  SoundZit also links you to the iTunes Store, where you can buy better quality versions of the songs (if they're availabe, of course).

You can't help but wonder what made them pick the name "SoundZit" though.  Are we reading it wrong?  Probably not (gross).  The site could also use a couple features to make it even more cool and useful, like playlist embedding or  a more attractive site layout.  Also, the embedded player gets the audio from YouTube as is, and therefor, all the imperfections of the original audio remain in tact, like volume errors or bad equalization.  If SoundZit had a few minor editing options, it would be ten times as useful as it is now.

Mar 3, 2009
by Austin Keenan
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Well that's pretty

Well that's pretty interesting, isn't it? LOL

Austin Keenan
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