Soup Cycle: Fresh Soup From Local Produce Delivered To Your Door!

Delivery businesses are all the rage these days. I'm not sure what that says about how lazy we've become as a society, but businesses of conveniences are just thrivingm, so good for them for taking advantage of this growing trend! The latest offers one particular product and uses a somewhat unique transportation method to get it to your door.

Soup Cycle has a name that infers exactly what it offers. Soup by bike; yes you guessed it. That might not sound so cool, but you'll think otherwise when you hear what else they do. Each week they take orders  (they primarily offer 3 types of soup), purchase the locally grown produce to get it made, and then they drop it off at your door for consumption! They make sure you really never need to leave the house, if that's the kind of convenience you're hoping for, because they'll bring break and salad as well for a complete meal.

Soup Cycle is affordable, and it's an option that's eco-friendly that also supports local agriculture. Of course, it's also healthy - win/win all around, no?

Via: Cool Business Ideas

Aug 10, 2010
by Anonymous

Must expand nationwide

Bring this nationwide & add more flavors to soup mixes