Souper – The Super Spoon for Your Little Super Hero


If you happen to have a finicky or picky eater at your table, Souper may be a dream-come-true for frustrated parents.  And with this new product, chances are pretty good your kids will actually look forward to eating!



Besides being a functional eating utensil, Souper is like having your very own super hero at the kitchen table.  Bend and pose him just like you want him.  He is made out of stainless steel and is totally food-safe and washable.  This black and purple super hero, with the great big letter "S", was designed by Carl Mitsch  from WorldWide Fred. 

Souper  is expected to retail for around $10 and should be available sometime in April or May, 2009.   So, move over Batman, out of the way Spidey, super Souper is coming to a table near you!

Source and Photo:  Perpetual Kid