The SousVide Supreme Water Oven Cooks Food To Perfection

The French are known for their innovative cooking styles.  Many of these methods can be complex for the home cook though.  For anyone who has always hoped to break the code of these delectable dishes you may just be in luck.  The SousVide Supreme water oven is now available to purchase for your home cooking needs.

Water ovens are meant to cook vacuum sealed food slowly and at a very low temperature.  The sealed food is placed in a heated water bath where it cooks for a number of hours.  Apparently some things can even be cooked for days using this method and still taste fantastic.  The method was developed in France in the 70s and has basically only been used by professional chefs up until now. 

The SousVide Supreme was created to bring this cooking method to the everyday cook.  Cooking this way is said to maintain nutrition because of the low cooking temperature.  Due to the vacuum seal, the method also retains all of the flavors of the food creating tastes, it is said, that cannot be duplicated any other way. (Buy Sousvide Supreme)


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