South Korea’s Wearable Foldable Battery: Watt Was That?

 An innovative, bendable battery made by South Korean company. Jenax, has been featured at the ongoing Wearable Expo in Japan. Bendable batteries are not unique, but the foldable J.Flex, well, that's a horse (or in this case, a battery) of another color. Based in Busan, which is South Korea's second largest metropolis after Seoul, this amazing battery is so flexible that it has the capacity to bend, fold or even take the shape of origami art.


The J. Flex Battery: Sourcw: DamnGeeky.comThe J. Flex Battery: Sourcw:


The Jenax company

Foubded in 1991 as a Christian-based metal manufacturing company, Jenax is primarily immersed in the iron and steel industry and known for its wide range of designs, which are utlized for medical devices, textiles and industrial processes. They manufacture and market stainless steel wires and ropes to the fishing, kitchen utensil, welding and shipbuilding industries. Committed to ethical and environmental responsibility, Jenax has been listed on KOSDAQ, South Korea's Stock Exchange, since 2002.

The Jenax foldable battery and wearable technology

The foldable battery marks a daring step in another direction for Jenax. The potential contribution of this innovative battery to the dynamic world of wearable technology is immeasurable. Ideas explode with possibilites for component miniaturization, flexible displays and unique designs. This battery can drastically affect industries involved in the production of mobile devices, smart garments and fabrics, GPS trackers, aeronautics, robots and household tech, just to name a few.


J.Flex Battery as Origami: Source: Damn Geeky.comJ.Flex Battery as Origami: Source: Damn


How does the J. Flex foldable battery work?

The battery is agile in form and shape, allowing it to conform into any application that is curved, bent or even crumpled whlie presenting high performance. Metal fiber technology is utilized in the lithium-ion battery and it can tolerate 1,000,000 times bending in its complete life cycle. The thickness of the battery, which can range from 35cm to 20cm, depends on the gadget to which it is being adapted.


J.Flex Battery: Source: Cohga.netJ.Flex Battery: Source:


The J. Flex battery has passed all of South Korea's rigid safety tests during which it was folded more than 200,000 times without any negative effects on performance. It can tolerate extreme temperatures and is constructed to last longer than any conventional battery on the market today. Flexibility is the keyword when it comes to technological innovations in wearable devices. Waterproof is another aspect that is being adapted to the wearable tech equaution as well.

The future of wearable tech and the J.Flex battery

The wearable tech revolution is the force behind many amazing innovations for the modern consumer. The J.Flex battery is only one aspect in the development of unconventional and unexpected inventions for smart garments and mobile devices. One can only imagine what is next down the line.

Closing thoughts on batteries:

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