South Korea Replaces Intoxicated Drivers with "Replacement Drivers"

South Korea is often at the forefront of inventions and new ways of living, and now they are proving this fact yet again by inventing a new career.

Known as “replacement drivers”, these professionals are hired for the sole purpose of transporting intoxicated individuals to their final destination in their own vehicles. In South Korea alone, thousndas of them are already paying their bills off of the paycheck that comes from this unique job.

As reported by the Korea Service Driver Society, around 100,000 replacement drivers go for a ride with approximately 700,000 customers per day. This is a career that would be quite lucrative in the United States as well, especially with the rich and famous entering rehab clinics as if they are the latest in trendy hang-outs.

The downside to being a replacement driver? You have to adjust your entire lifestyle to your job. This often means sleeping during the day and being able to get to whatever location you are called to quickly. Since you will be driving the car of the individual in question, you will not need your own set of wheels. Thus, living in a city with reliable public transportation is ideal.

A replacement driver waits in a common pick up area in South Korea: image courtesy of Internatial Herald TribuneA replacement driver waits in a common pick up area in South Korea: image courtesy of Internatial Herald Tribune










This is no problem in busy and bustling Korea, which is what has made it such an in demand career choice. This nation has discovered a smart solution to keeping DUI levels down and the party scene at clubs and bars up. Replacement drivers are helping to drive the nightlife economy while also keeping people safe from serious harm.

Tamara Warta
International Innovations Writer

Aug 6, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


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Jun 9, 2008
by Anonymous

This isn't actually a bad

This isn't actually a bad idea at all. Makes jobs and prevents accidents caused by drunk drivers. It'd be kind of cool if bars instated this by even hiring "Replacement drivers" for their patrons free of charge if they buy let's say, more than 3+ drinks. But I guess this would be financially impractical for bars....but maybe the promise of a free ride would mean patrons wouldn't mind drinking more? Dude...this should be done in America.