Space-Saving Bloom Foldable Helmet Expands In Emergencies

The Bloom Foldable Helmet from Toyo Safety, Japan's leading supplier of industrial safety and health equipment, is designed to protect the wearer in an emergency while saving valuable storage space when not needed.

Our Fitness, Sports and Recreation Inventions writer Samantha Pankey reviewed the Carrera Foldable Helmet earlier this year but let it be said that all foldable helmets are not alike. The Carrera is a bike helmet while the Bloom – named for the unfolding petals of a new flower – is a safety helmet offering optimum protection from falling debris caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes.

In addition, the Carrera Foldable Helmet is aimed at bicycle commuters and recreational users who typically would only buy one; folding it to store conveniently in a locker or backpack. Toyo's target market for the Bloom Foldable Helmet are civic authorities, civil defense organizations and larger corporations who would need to provide dozens – even hundreds – of helmets to people forced to evacuate in an emergency situation. Storing such a large amount of helmets for months and years can be costly so the smaller the storage space required, the more money saved.

The one pound (454 grams) Bloom Folding Helmet expands from its closed storage mode via a short “ripcord” extending from the back. Pulling the cord expands the helmet, at which point a pair of lanyards drop down from the crown of the helmet allowing the wearer to fasten the helmet snugly beneath their chin.

Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has certified the Bloom Folding Helmet as meeting industry safety standards and declared it approved protection in case of natural disasters. You don't have to be a governmental or corporate user to order it, either, even if you just want one.

White Rabbit Express is offering the Bloom Foldable Helmet in a choice of four different colors (yellow, orange-red, white, or gray) and lists them on their English-language product page for $58 each plus taxes and shipping.

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