Space Tea Lets You Taste The Universe, One Cup At A Time

Space Tea is formulated to exude the fragrance of the universe, which if you weren't aware reeks of raspberries and rum. The herbal infusion also seeks to evoke for Earthbound imbibers the unique sweet smell spacewalking astronauts have noted upon their return to the International Space Station.

These aromatic overtones come courtesy of ethyl formate – an organic molecule discovered unexpectedly by astronomers seeking out amino acids in outer space. In early 2009, astronomers used the IRAM telescope in Spain to analyze electromagnetic radiation emitted by the Sagittarius B2 dust cloud near the center of the Milky Way galaxy.


They were flummoxed to find the telltale signatures of both ethyl formate and propyl cyanide, the latter being a lethal chemical which does NOT come in Space Tea.

In any case, these scientific tidbits should work well as icebreakers and conversation starters when serving up some Space tea to your near and dear one. “Have a cup of SPACE!”, states the copy at the Space Tea website. Roger, Houston, we have no problems with that.

Space Tea comes in a snazzy aluminum can packed inside a plastic bag packed inside a white cardboard box – you'd think the tea was meant to survive a splashdown or something.

Inside you'll find twenty (20) teabags, each of which features visible petals of blue and yellow botanicals. The ingredients listing includes ginger, peppermint flavoring, and mallow. Space Tea can only be ordered online at a cost of 2,160 yen (about $23). We've come a long way since Tang, baby!