The Space Raincoat Keeps You Dry, Makes You Look Fat

Ever wonder what happened to that unfortunate kid who was forced to wear the dreaded UFO CAP to school? After withstanding what had to be a monsoon of mockery from classmates, he grew up to be one lean, mean, motorcycle-riding machine... and in wet weather, he wears the Space Raincoat. From the looks of it though, the Space Raincoat appears to be wearing him.

The Space Raincoat hails from Taiwan, where the rain falls blindingly hard – and in this case, that's a good thing! This is no one-trick pony, however. Bizarre as it may appear, the Space Raincoat has been precisely engineered to perform a multitude of functions besides, er, being a raincoat with a LOT of space inside.

Carrying a passenger? No problemo, just unzip the back and have her or him (or them) climb right in! Getting driven to school hasn't been this embarrassing since Uncle Buck. Hearing nature's call while you're on life's lonesome highway, miles from porcelain relief?

Answer it with nary a qualm: the Space Raincoat doubles as a form-fitting Porta Potty. Try doing THAT in a UFO CAP! When you're done riding or whatever, the Space Raincoat folds conveniently into a surprisingly small bundle. Try doing THAT with a Porta Potty! (via RocketNews24)