Space-Saving Storage: The CD Roll


Tired of painstakingly sorting and alphabetizing your CD collection into meticulous order  for it to only take up valuable real estate in your living space? The CD Roll might just be your ticket to musical organizational freedom while also serving as an artistic alternative to traditional CD storage.


Designed by Pascal Bauer, the CD Roll comes in three different sizes, the largest of which can hold up to 120 CDs.  Back in the CD heyday, 120 would comprise a slightly paltry collection, but nowadays can offer a warm trip down memory lane, to a time before iTunes and the comfort of modern digital storage.  One could even spin the CD Roll a la 'Wheel of Fortune' and see what flash from the past pops up for their listening pleasure.  The only thing that's missing are some fancy LEDs, or perhaps a choice of finish.  All in all, it's a simple yet effective and space-saving design.

New Launches via FreshBump