The Spaghetti Fork That Twirls Itself

The word "spaghetti" always reminds me of my most embarrassing dinner date. It wasn't a date date; it was worse. It was with my boss and some colleagues after my first day on my first job. All I'm prepared to relay about this incident is that I was, and still am, one of the ga-zillion spaghetti-lovers, whose spaghetti can't make it from my fork to my mouth in one suck. That's why, in public, I now order penne.

But I was delighted to find this Twirling Spaghetti Fork, by Hog Wild, that eliminates the need to suck or slurp your spaghetti. Yes, I'm aware that many think that sucking and slurping is the fun of eating spaghetti, but I wonder if this motorized Spaghetti Fork gadget doesn't provide some fun of its own....

You place a few spaghetti strands around the prongs, press the button, and the Spaghetti Fork takes off... twirling your spaghetti, of course. But what happens to the, let's say, tomato sauce? Does the Twirling Fork spray the sauce on your clothing, tablecloth, and even the walls, as the fork twirls? (Spaghetti spray! Hmm. Could we create a new decor with this fork?)

Well, a little extra laundry never hurt. You have to expect it when you eat spaghetti anyway. I suspect the kids, and those who enjoy acting like kids when they eat spaghetti, should get a kick out of watching their spaghetti twirl all by itself! The Twirling Spaghetti Fork comes in three colors and two patterns for $9.95 each, and requires two AAA batteries to operate. Available at

Do you think that the Twirling Spaghetti Fork should be included among the 21st Century's wackiest gadgets for future generations to find?



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