SPAM & Cheese Burger Highlights Burger King Japan's New Morning Menu

Burger King Japan wants you to start your day with SPAM, whether you've checked your email or not. Highlighting a very lunch-like new morning menu, the SPAM & Cheese Burger slaps a hot, juicy & salty slab of Hormel's signature canned pork between a split whole-grain bun garnished with cheese, pickles, lettuce and mayo.

The SPAM & Cheese Burger debuted on April 25th nationwide at Burger King's plentiful Japanese restaurants, and along with its morning menu brethren (which include the Hot Dog Classic and the Bolognese Burger, believe it or not) are only served until 10:30am daily.

Burger King Japan is asking just 260 yen (about $2.65) for their new SPAM & Cheese Burger plus an additional 100 yen or so for a small drink to help wash it down. So don't be Idle, Eric, set the alarm clock an hour early and start your day with SPAM, wonderful SPAM! (via Japan Today and Tabelog/Koji)