Is Spam The Easiest And Cheapest Way Of Marketing?

If you have the old mindset that spam email and spam keywords are the best way to make money, then you are living in the past. Sure, thousands of marketers are spamming and making money, but what are they doing wrong? What is wrong with mass marketing campaigns?

You can be certain that most of the efforts of the email campaign of a spammer is wasted. Emails that are not permission based are often sent to the “junk” folder of a recipient. Secondly, some people will complain when they receive email that is not approved by them. If you, as a marketer, receive too many complaints, you will soon find yourself in a lot of trouble.

Your ISP (internet service provider) must respond to complaints made by people receiving your message. If there are too many of those complaints, you may find yourself “cut off”. What would you do at that point?

The truth is that while many “spammers” get away with their actions, what are they truly achieving? In all honesty, not much. Everyone has seen the emails that come into their inbox that seem important but contain nothing more than a link that you “should click”. The subject lines are often deceiving and devious. You have to ask yourself why the sender has to “lie” to get you to open their emails.

Many people are extremely cautious about emails from unknown senders and will not open them, even if they do end up in their inbox. This is because there are so many virus and spyware threats that people are not willing to open emails from unknown senders anyway. The result for the spammer is that the low percentage of people that open their message or respond to it may act upon the offer or click the link.

What is the spammer really gaining? Not much. The reason that spam does not work is that you are not building a “relationship” with the recipients of your message. It is important to obtain permission from people before you send them mail through a double opt in process where people give their permission to you and confirm that they wish to be on your mailing list.

It is your job to deliver on your promises with your messages and to deliver content that people are interested in reading. If you start to send off topic messages or information, then you are simply no better than the average spammer. People will start to unsubscribe from your list and your numbers will dwindle.

Don’t be a spammer, it is a waste of your time and an annoyance to those who are receiving your message. You will not achieve anything substantial, except to make people angry. If you are truly trying to build a business online, then you will not do that by spamming people. If you believe that this method truly works, then you need to have a serious reality check and reconsider why you are in business in the first place.

Source: HubSpot