Spare Me! The Top 13 Scary Spare Tire Covers

Halloween only comes around for one day each year but that doesn't stop some folks from driving on the dark side of the street any day, every day... and every night.

13) OMG! ZORT!

Who ya gonna call? The Zombie Outbreak Response Team, of course! You probably won't be seeing their spare tire cover on the road because, like almost everyone else, you'll be driving like hell in the opposite direction. (scary spare tire cover image via Google+/Lalo Arroyo)

12) If You're Close Enough To Read This...

This guy must be a real hoot at tailgate parties... one look at his vehicle and it's a party of one. On the other hand, he probably can't drive forward and shoot backward at the same time so go ahead, draft his rear bumper if you're feeling lucky. Do you feel lucky, punk? (scary spare tire cover image via AbbyK9/Wrangler Forum)  

11) One Wolf Moon

Time has passed, Internet memes have fallen from grace and two of the three wolves on this spare tire cover have abandoned ship. Still, even a One Wolf Moon image is frighteningly powerful. It fits your spare tire's girthy frame, has wolves (OK, wolf) on it, and attracts women. (scary spare tire cover image via PopUp Portal)

10) Boston Athletics Supporter

There's nothing scarier than a fervent sports fan, amiright? Fervent in this case means committed – we use the term loosely – to every professional major league team in his city. One wonders what the driver's wearing... hey, that's an innocent question! (scary spare tire cover image via David Ray)

9) Bad Trip, Man

Remember those fabulous sixties? Sure you do, if you're of a certain age. Oh, and by “remember” we mean horrifying flashbacks to your worst acid trip EVAR, like the one you're having right now as you follow this blood-curdling symbol of Flower Power gone very, very bad. (scary spare tire cover image via Karma Decay)

8) Life Shows No Morsi

This seriously PO'd Egyptian dude's got his tire covered but where's his SUV? Probably parked around the corner, engulfed in flames. Who knew canceling the Smiths reunion would cause such a ruckus? (scary spare tire cover image via Daily Mail/Associated Newspapers Ltd)

7) Flip It... Flip It Good

This Jeep owner's obviously prepared for any situation, are you? No? Then why are you following him? (scary spare tire cover image via JIMBOX/Wrangler Forum)

6) Pay 'til It Hirst

Having exhausted all other media, artist Damien Hirst has moved on to spare tire covers. While the image isn't frightening, the price sure is: $1,390 each! Don't expect to see one of these hanging off cousin Bubba's '87 Bronco. (scary spare tire cover image via Luxist)

5) Spare A Stare?

This driver's eyeballing you big time... but shouldn't he/she be watching the road ahead? (scary spare tire cover image via Knitsburgh)

4) Keep On Truckin'

Looks like the local Deadheads spruced up the Microbus and are heading out on a road trip, and what a long strange trip it will be. The driver had better watch his speed – state troopers who see their psychedelic spare tire cover are gonna react like a bull to a red flag. Can you say “cavity search”? I knew you could! (scary spare tire cover image via Sweat Shop Girls)

3) Remember The Titans

Some parents put “My Child Is An Honor Student” bumper stickers on their cars, others display “Chronos Devouring His Children” by Goya on their spare tire covers. That's the wonderful thing about America, there's room for all points of view. (scary spare tire cover image via MONTAG

2) Being Michael Myers

The late George Carlin once noted that everyone driving slower than you is an idiot and everyone driving faster than you is a maniac. Guess which category this driver falls into? (scary spare tire cover image via JEEPForum   

1) The Scariest Spare Tire Cover OF ALL TIME

Not much to look at, is it? That's because you're (probably) not a forensic detective and nobody told you the spare tire cover depicted above came from the trunk of Casey Anthony's car... until now. Sometimes it's what you DON'T see that's the most frightening. (scary spare tire cover image above via Daily Mail/Associated Newspapers Ltd, and at top via TheSamba)