Sparkler Lamp Lights Up Your Night


Contemporary lamp or some kind of high-tech medical instrument? This wall-mounted lighting device is so futuristic looking it could easily pass for a tool of much more importance.

Currently on display at the IMM Cologne international furnishing show, Sparkler was designed by Niels Bak Ramussen, the creative talent behind the Danish lighting company oioi.


downward sparkledownward sparkle




Secured from a rotating metal ball, the light is emitted from the mouth of a narrow, funnel-shaped tube, allowing you precisely targeted illumination. For more diffused uplighting, just swivel the light from its base and you have an extra, ambient light source. And when you're finished, all it takes is a mere touch to turn it off.






I presume it gets its name from that classic summertime favorite - the sparkler (duh)- although there doesn't appear to be any active blazing sparks involved. Nor would a nighttime lightshow be nearly as fun with this modern upgrade. But it's still pretty sweet.





Found via designaddict

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