Sparknon Silicone Wristband Leaves You Ex Static

Static shocks may be harmless but that doesn't mean they're pleasant - I know there's one waiting for me every time I get out of my car. The solution is to wear a Sparknon Silicone Wristband. Nothing shocking? You must already be wearing one of these custom silicone wrist bands!

The Sparknon Silicone Wristband from Compact Impact of Japan is designed to dissipate those pesky static electric charges that always seem to zap you when touching computers, doorknobs or other metal objects in a dry environment or, especially, when touching the metal of your car door when you exit the vehicle. These charges can even cause damage - not to you, but to sensitive electronic devices like home or office computers, laptops and netbooks.

Now there's a new solution for static electricity control: the Sparknon Silicone Wristband looks and feels much like those omnipresent custom silicon bracelets imprinted with motivational or promotional slogans, like "Live Strong". The difference here is that Sparknon mixes Oxidized Micro Titanium powder into the raw silicone during the custom wrist band manufacturing process. The presence of this metallic ingredient somehow absorbs and dissipates any differential static charge gradually; not in one annoying jolt.

You can get your very own Sparknon Silicone Wristband direct from Compact Impact's online Amazon store for $13.50 plus shipping. They come in a choice of pale blue, white, black and red, with the Sparknon-X logo in contrasting white (or black, on the black wristband). (Update: Item is no longer available. A new option is the Power Balance Wristband.)

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