Special Collector's Edition Of Saints Row IV Costs One Million Dollars

You've gotta hand it to Volition Inc, they know their comedy. Just look at their leading franchise, Saint's Row. If I had to describe it, I'd say it's basically a parody of Grand Theft Auto.  While the latter series tends to take itself quite seriously (a little too much so at times), Saint's Row positively revels in absurdity. Just look at the general narrative - you go from a thuggish gangbanger to a powerful mob boss to the leader of a multinational conglomerate to the president of the United States. Also, you're a superhero and you're fighting off an alien invasion. Because I guess that's what Presidents do? 

Almost four years, and not a single demonstrable superpower? Thanks, Obama!Almost four years, and not a single demonstrable superpower? Thanks, Obama!

It's as though someone dumped LSD on the lense through which we're viewing the game world, and we're feeling the effects more and more as the series progresses. 

Volition and Deep Silver have carried that same off-key, half-mad attitude into their marketing for Saint's Row IV, with the announcement of what may well be the most expensive collector's edition in the history of gaming. Known as the Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition, the whole package costs exactly $1,000,000.00. Serious collectors only, folks. 

What you get for your money is just about as absurd as the cost. Deep Silver and UK Games (the retailer through which the package is being offered) have promised a full-sized replica Dubstep gun, a full day of spy training, one plastic surgery operation of the purchaser's choice, a shopping spree with a personal shopper to help create the ultimate Planet Saints wardrobe, a seven-night stay for two at the Jefferson Hotel, A Lamborghini Gallardo coupled with a one year membership in the E25 Super Car Club, Hostage rescue experience, a Toyota Prius complete with insurance, and a trip into space with Virgin Galactic. 

Seems Legit.Seems Legit.

Oh, and a copy of the Saints Row IV: Commander In Chief Edition, of course. Can't forget that, right? Yeah, something tells me this might possibly be a joke.  Still...it seems to me that if someone were able to afford this, they might well get their money's worth.

Well, except for the fact that it doesn't include a season pass. Guess they gotta make a profit somehow, right? 

I'm actually fervently hoping that some ultra-rich Saint's Row fan comes crawling out of the woodwork to buy the Wad Wad Edition. It'd be pretty marvelous to see Deep Silver and Volition ahve to pony up all the loot they promised, particularly the plastic surgery deal.

Hey, does anyone know if Mark Zuckerberg plays video games?