Special Edition Viper to Commemorate Final Production Year

As sad as it is, 2010 will be the final production year for the iconic Dodge Viper. To commemorate this, Dodge has pulled out all the stops to offer buyers as much customization as possible for the final run of the V10 powered supercar.

When originally introduced in 1992, the Viper was all about power. This ideology has carried over to the 2010 Viper as well. The drivetrain will be the familiar 8.4 liter V10 pumping out 600 horsepower and 560lb/ft of torque linked to a 6-speed performance transmission. When done carefully, the combination results in a sprint to 60mph in less than 4 seconds. The quarter mile can be traversed in less than 12 seconds.

The fifth gear ratio has been changed slightly to decrease high speed acceleration. The jump from a standstill to the 200mph mark has dropped by 14 seconds. A more aerodynamic body kit also played a part. Those 600 horsepower will keep pushing the Viper to a top speed of 202 mph.

Two new exterior colors will introduced for the 2010 model year, Toxic Orange Pearl and Bright Silver Metallic, bringing the color count up to 12.

Dodge also has an ACR 1:33 Edition in the works to commemorate the recent Laguna Seca lap record broken by an ACR Viper. This special edition will be bathed in a black and red high gloss paint and feature the same stripe pattern found on the record breaking ACR. A total of 33 copies of this version will be created.

If the ACR 1:33 isn't rare enough, the Viper Team also has a Voodoo Edition ACR gearing up for assembly. All of the mechanical components will be the same, but the exterior and interior will be very distinguishable. The outside will feature a deep black gloss paint job with a red outlined graphite stripe running over the driver's side. The stripe is also found on the steering wheel when driving straight.

There are several other special editions being tossed around, which will be introduced as their release dates get closer.

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Dec 10, 2009
by Anonymous

Darn, Dodge.

Loved to Rent BUT then none had Manumatic or AT.
More Race car then Street car.

Or best to rival EU.


All we have is the Challenger coupe.

& thats some ": Custom Ed" models too.