Specialty Concierge Services Bring Convenience To The Ordinary Person

 One of the benefits of staying at a nice hotel, or leasing a high-end apartment is the concierge services that come with them. A new business trend popping up all over the globe, are specialty concierge services that bring that once limited convenience to individuals, no matter who they are or where they live.











Not surprisingly, two of the three most interesting concierge services are marketed are some of the busiest people on earth; mothers, or in one case, mothers to be. ItsaBelly Baby Concierge and Planners and Consider it Done make the list with Precious Time concierge service for students. Each of these businesses can complete any task, provided it can be done by phone, fax, and email or online; just like a typical concierge.

Itsabelly sets a new standard for concierge services by offering eco-friendly solutions and promoting sustainability with their programs. The Itsabelly package helps expectant mothers complete their baby registry and purchase baby gear based on their needs and nursery décor. Their next package, Itsababy helps mothers through their baby's first year of life by sourcing childcare, baby proofing the home and offering safety tips; and their third and final service package Itsaparent focuses upon the education needed to help parents function optimally.




Pricing for the Itsababy concierge services are in an a-la-carte structure dependent upon frequency of assistance needed and specific services rendered, so to get costs contact them directly.

Consider it Done, started with mothers and other busy people in mind, but do offer their services to any ordinary person in the UK who is overwhelmed by responsibility. Their style of service stems beyond just that of a concierge; it's more like that of a Personal Assistant.











Consider it Done offers to main subscription types; one for all the time users, and another for people who just need help through a crisis period. The former, The Lifeline Subscription requires that users pay a one time subscription fee of 125GBP, plus 295GBP per month for 8 hours of help with absolutely anything (or so they say). The Now and Again package also requires that users pay the joining fee, followed by 325GBP for 8 hours of service that can be used anytime, and topped up once used. Additional services are available for business employees or the Home Run Add-On can be purchased by those who live in the London area and could benefit from some in-home help.





Precious Time is an elite service, just for students at Syracuse University in New York. They don't charge a membership fee for their do-almost-anything services, but there's no word on what their costs are. Considering students are their target market, you'd have to hope that they charge reasonable fees.

 Precious Time specializes in Restaurant Pickup/Delivery, from any food establishment that won't normally bring food home to students. They will also do the grocery shopping once a list has been provided, book massages and other services, arrange transportation, schedule cleaning services, deliver movies and music, drop off flowers to a special someone and honor special requests. For a price, they'll do just about anything, even bring those who are of age their favorite indulges, like alcohol and tobacco.









This online concierge service structure isn't a new one; what makes these businesses stand apart from the others is that they cater to the ordinary person, instead of the rich or famous.