Spectre Performance Sets New Gasoline Powered Land Speed Record

Speed is one of the few obsessions we as a society will almost certainly never get away from. Every time someone sets a new speed record, regardless of how and using what, we feel the need to break it. This past month has proved not to be the exception.

This time, the record in question was the land speed record for a gasoline powered, wheel-driven vehicle. Sure, it's not the most prestigious record a horsepower junkie could ever hold, but it's a start. To break the record, Spectre Performance designed and built the Speedliner from the ground up. While aerodynamics and weight were a huge concern, the main focus of the project was on the powerplant.

For this role, the team chose a 529 cubic inch Cadillac V8. From there, a total tear-down and rebuild was accomplished and nearly all of the internal components were replaced with stronger more reliable ones. Once back together, a pair of turbochargers and a full intercooler system were fitted onto the already potent engine. The final result was somewhere in the realm of 2000 horsepower.

As per the record requirements, two back to back runs were made and the overall speeds were averaged. After the computing was complete, the ending figure, and new record, was 330.7 miles per hour. However, the team is hoping to break the 400mph mark sometime in the near future. We will keep you up to date on their latest progress.

Spectre Performance
Oct 21, 2009
by Chris Weiss

Cool news

Nice post. I recently wrote a piece about 10 of the top motorcycles to break the speed record--it's fascinating how they put those machines together.