Speed Up Natural Recovery Of Muscles With RecoveryPump

Whether you're a competitive athlete, recreational runner or just a gym rat, you probably know muscle soreness, and you probably know that soreness is just like a hangover--only time will cure it. However, the RecoveryPump allows you to cut down that recovery time significantly. Utilizing intermittent pneumatic compression therapy, the RecoveryPump reduces soreness and stiffness and leaves muscles feeling refreshed instead of fatigued.

Recovering With RecoveryPumpRecovering With RecoveryPump

Muscle Soreness and Recovery


Every workout, training session, competition takes something away from your body--breaks it down a bit. After intense exercise sessions microdamage on the cellular level and inflammation are common, and that's what causes the accumulation of lactic acid and other waste, which in turn causes soreness and stiffness. The waste is naturally removed via the venous and lymphatic systems. As an athlete, I have become familiar with a number of strategies for recovering and dealing with soreness and stiffness, all of which are supposed to enhance and speed up this natural process--everything from ice to tart cherry juice to beta alanine. One of those strategies is compression therapy. 

Compression therapy involves wearing socks or stockings that compress the legs in a graduated manner (more compression at the ankle and less at the upper leg) in order to promote circulation. The compression of the legs helps venous return, decreases venous pressure, prevents blood from pooling and in the end, relieves aches, pains, stiffness and soreness. Compression therapy is used to treat a number of ailments including phlebitis and thrombosis and is an effective strategy in recovery from post vein surgery and athletic recovery. 

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression and The RecoveryPump

I, for one, take advantage of compression therapy and have reaped the benefits. I wear my compression pants after competition, after training sessions, even on plane trips (if you've ever experienced swollen ankles post-plane ride, you may want to consider compression therapy). However, there is a "higher level" of compression therapy called intermittent pneumatic compression, which is the type of therapy the RecoveryPump provides. I know it sounds uber-scientific, but it's a simple concept. Basically, you're still wearing stockings or sleeves but they have a few air chambers which intermittently fill with air and squeeze the blood out of your veins. Then the air chambers deflate, and your veins replenish the blood. These intermittent compressions ensure the movement of blood and different levels of compression squeeze all levels of veins. 

This is considered an aggressive recovery strategy, hence RecoveryPump's motto, "Aggressive recovery for aggressive athletes." RecoveryPump offers RecoveryBoots, RecoveryArms and RecoveryShorts to cover a range of sore muscles. Wearing the boots, arms or shorts for just 1-2 hours can do the "recovery work" of anywhere from 12-18 hours of natural recovery. This is incredibly helpful for any competitive athlete. Imagine having a late night practice and then having to wake up for an early gym session the next morning. Odds are, your body isn't recovered--isn't entirely ready for that early gym session. Using the RecoveryPump after that late night practice may just get you recovered and ready for that early morning session. At the very least, you'll be less sore and stiff than if you had just relied on passive rest. 

What makes the RecoveryPump so great, besides the aforementioned benefits of intermittent pneumatic compression, is that you don't need a prescription for them. Most equipment offering intermittent pneumatic compression required a prescription is obtain. The RecoveryPump is a quality system without the red tape. It is also small and easy to travel with, comes in custom sizes to ensure proper compression of the muscles, has a unique foot design that compresses the bottom of the foot and is easy to use--just plug in the boots, arms or shorts into the pump and you're ready to go. 


So here's the bottom line. There are a lot of different recovery strategies and compression therapy is one that has been proven to be effective. Intermittent pneumatic compression--the aggressive brother of compression therapy--can cut significant time off the natural recovery process, and the RecoveryPump provides that. Not only is it an effective tool in recovery, but it's not some bulky piece of complicated equipment you have to haul around. It's easy to use, small and can be custom made for the athlete. So if you are an athlete, and if you want to get the most out of your body, you may want to consider the RecoveryPump. It's a bit pricey for the normal athelete but for for serious atheletes, it may be well worth considering. You can even buy it on Amazon.

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