Speed Demon: Turn Your Hamster Into A Race Car Driver

Hamsters are more than a little bit OCD when it comes to running nowhere on that little wheel of theirs. They can go all night long and if the wheel squeaks they will take you along for the ride. With this adorable little hamster race car both you and that special rodent of yours can live out your NASCAR dreams together.Critter CruiserCritter Cruiser

The Critter Cruiser gives your hamster the chance to get out of the cage once in a while to see the sights around the house. Perhaps you could get it a little hoodie too and he could do some hip-hop like those hamsters in the KIA commercials. Wouldn't it be cool if things really worked that way?Critter Cruiser on Hamtrac RacewayCritter Cruiser on Hamtrac Raceway

This car is actually multi-functional. You can set it up to allow your favorite rodent to run around the floor and check out all that the room has to offer. You can set the car to be stationary and let your critter just run in place, but outside the usual cage. Or, and this is the fun one, in case you don't want that little car running all over the house you can purchase the Hamtrac Raceway (separately) for your hamster to stay on. The fun part is that  you can have the Hamster Grand Prix any time you want.

This could also be quite entertaining for the dog and cat, but I digress.

The car comes in four colors, pink, red, yellow, and blue. Each also comes with a sticker set so that you can pimp out your rodent's ride the way you want. 

Adult supervision is required for use of the Critter Cruiser and the manufacturer recommends no more than 25 minutes per day of joy riding, preferably in several time periods.

Not recommended for use with dwarf hamsters. Hamster not included. You can buy it at pet supply stores and here from Amazon.

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