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Speed Renting: Avoid Roommate Disasters By Romancing The Relationship

We've all had bad roommates at some time or another; whether it's because your personalities clash in close quarters, they fail to pull their weight with the housework, or they traipse a parade of people through the apartment while you're trying to sleep. Finding a good roommate really takes as much work as matchmaking for a romantic relationship, and that's where Speed Renting comes in.

Bad RoommateBad Roommate

Let's face it, when there's a lease in question finding a great roommate is actually far more essential than finding a compatible romantic partner. If things don't work out in the romance department, you can part ways; with a roommate there's that legal contract governing the course and duration of your relationship. Speed Renting gets that finding a roommate is serious business and that's why they've approached it in one of the most common ways that people find love these days.

Speed Renting is speed dating for roommates. The structure is quite similar to most matchmaking events, people have short periods of time to talk. Those with a place to rent out are differentiated from the renters, and all attendees receive PIN numbers. After the conclusion of the evening, people with space to let can contact their prospective renter of their choosing with a text message to take things to the next level!

(for any former roommates reading, I should probably clear this up right now - you weren't the bad one!)

Via: Springwise  


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Beth Graddon-Hodgson
New Business Ideas

Feb 17, 2010
by Anonymous

It wasn't YOU, I swear!

"You weren't the bad one!"