Speeders Beware of the Charger

For quite a while, the Ford Crown Victoria has had a firm grip on the Law Enforcement car of choice. Chevrolet has also gotten a handful of bids with the Impala. Now, they have some competition from the Chrysler corp, and the challenger is a Charger, no pun intended.

Michigan State Police Test VehicleMichigan State Police Test Vehicle

Several Police Agencies are currently testing the Charger, along with the Crown Victoria and Impala. Although the Charger isn't an immediate threat, it has been steadily gaining popularity, mostly from national testing which praises it's handling and speed.

"We've been steadily gaining market share and acceptance for the police vehicle since its inception," said Chrysler LLC spokeswoman Shawn Morgan. "We see that trend continuing."

When designing a car for Police action, automakers have to engineer the vehicle to withstand more than your typical daily driver. It will be acting as the officers transportation obviously, but it will also be their first-aid station, HQ while at a crime scene and a place for a little relaxation while everything is quiet.

Love the Push-BarsLove the Push-Bars

One of the things that makes the Charger so appealing to officers is the quick acceleration (6.4 seconds to 60mph) coupled with amazing handling and a remarkable stopping distance.

"We really ask (the automakers) to do an enduring duty for the public that's often underestimated," said Lt. David Halliday, who leads the Michigan State Police's annual police vehicle tests that serve as a national standard for law enforcement.

At A Car ShowAt A Car Show

The top priority, as always, is officer safety. It all really comes down to which car delivers more of what they need. SO next time you think about speeding on your way home, remember that you might have a 5.7 liter Hemi chasing you.

Source : MSN Auto

George Delozier
Automotive Innovations

Nov 25, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


very cool!!!

Nov 25, 2007
by raphael (not verified)


Is Robocop with them? or Does Terminator made it? lol

Nov 25, 2007
by Body Beauty


Nice car

Nov 26, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Old News

These have been out for awhile. My town has had two of them for over a year...

Nov 26, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


The North Carolina State Highway Patrol has purchased quite a few of the Chargers for use as high speed chase vehicles. While most are in the standard NCSHP colors, a few are unmarked and white.
Unmarked Crown Vics were all ready very hard to notice, the white Chargers blend in completely with the background traffic. I've seen one out and about a few times, and it's not until you're very close to it that you can positively identify it, even when you're watching out for one.

Nov 26, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Small engine...

Yaaaayyyy another gas guzzler vehicle on the streets! And a state endorsed one...

Nov 26, 2007
by FordDude (not verified)


I live in a court where a lot of the people that live there are cops. I think I counted four chargers in four driveways the other day. I guess I'll have to be a little careful with my mustang now.